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SEOpie: The search optimisation company that specialises
in improving your web presence via data driven analysis
for organic growth.

We’re a website optimisation company that specialises in improving your web
presence by analysing and redeveloping your site to promote organic growth and
search engine results improvements.

Ben Avenell - Founder

Since I began working in search engine optimisation, the evolution of optimisation techniques has been steady but pronounced. This evolution has meant having to keep up with continuous changes in site development, content development, social media management, marketing techniques and new research in search psychology. My core belief, however, and that of Google, to prioritise high quality content orientated towards the viewer, before you even think about link building, is as true today as it ever was.

Keep up with my rantings and ravings about the state of online search on social media.

My employment is primarily on a freelance basis to individual clients or agencies requiring my services, and am therefore heavily reliant on achieving good customer satisfaction by completing projects efficiently, effectively and on time. I will also remain in constant communication, and will keep you updated with how the project is proceeding, every step of the way.

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